Business Advisory

To Grow and/or Where to Go?

Every entrepreneur hits a crossroad at some point – sometimes knowing where to turn is the biggest challenge.

As your business evolves, Riata provides a diverse set of experienced consultants to help small and medium size enterprises adapt and evolve. The Riata Business Advisory group works with you to help manage business risk, growth and evolution, and provide day-to-day support for the business.

What we do best and how we are different

Riata Partners understands the dynamics of today’s changing marketplace and the impact on your business. Our teams have executed the strategic plan, given functional support, and provided shift management to complete successful initiatives in a variety of industry sectors and across a number of functional areas. While we offer skills sets typical of business advisory groups, we also are able to engage our other Riata Business Groups to leverage their expertise in areas such as marketing, human resources, administrative services and technology (web design, social media, etc.) This results in an objective multi-faceted approach to help business owners optimize their growth and operations.

Business Advisory Areas


  • Strategic Planning. We work with you to determine your goals, and then help you to focus on setting realistic yet definitive timelines for those goals. We stress adherence to these plans through frequent milestone analysis.
    • Focus on profitability planning around growth and/or change.
    • Focus on change management and planning

Operational Management. We employ best practices that work with your business to help to realize on the strategic plan.

  • Cost management
  • Personnel management
  • Logistics and process management

Hospitality Management: Our service provides oversight and direction organized around four key functions:

  • Operations
  • Marketing and Sales
  • Human Resources
  • Financials and Performance Reporting.

Due to our hospitality experience and philosophy, customer service is in our DNA.  We are approachable as well as accountable and the pride in our work comes from achieving both.

Contract CFO/Controller. This involves providing many services typically provided by a full time CFO or controller (as planned/needed) but on a more cost effective part-time basis as required by the business. These functions may include:

  • Budgeting, Forecasting and Planning (incl. variance analysis)
  • Capital Management
  • Cash Management
  • Financial Management
  • Operational Accounting
  • Design & Implementation of Processes & Controls
  • Risk Assessment and Management

Pre & Post-Merger Integration. We understand that the first 90 days of any merger, acquisition or product/market introduction is critical in realizing the full value of the opportunity. Riata has developed a program to support companies through these challenges and improve the likelihood of success and retaining more value with the acquired company.

  • Our team manages the transition by establishing key performance indicators, monitoring the culture, helping to manage change, and supporting the new entity with resources to guide the new team as it evolves into a new organization and maximizes synergies. The multi-functional team at Riata is able to work at a strategic and tactical level with the client to ensure the companies integrate optimally on many levels including,
    • Culture
    • Personnel
    • Policies
    • Systems and Technology
    • Finance
    • Accounting Processes
    • Operations
    • Sales Processes/ Practices

Bookkeeping. Our bookkeeping group offers services on a more transactional/tactical level to ensure the businesses set of books and Chart of Accounts are accurate and current, thereby optimizing management reporting and facilitating better decision making. Services include:

  • Monthly book-keeping
  • Books set-up and training/mentoring
  • Payroll filings
  • GST filings
  • Budgeting and Management Reporting