Before selling your business – ask yourself some questions . . .

As you prepare yourself and your business for sale, several questions need to be asked including – are you ready for a sale?

Questions to ask before selling your business:

  • Are you contemplating a share purchase or asset sale?
  • Do I have the proper statements and financial documents to provide to a potential buyer?
  • Are my financial statements and Assets statements ‘clean’?
  • Have I prepared a company resume?
  • Where should I promote my business to maximize the appropriate exposure?
  • Ask yourself – what would I want to see if I was purchasing the business to both understand the nature of the business and how to justify a selling (buying) price?

The key question – we asked it at the start – are you really ready to sell your business? If you’re not convinced, neither will be the buyer as they will sense your hesitation.

Remember, buyers need to see, and sense, that the business has a strong future and worthy of investment. How you portray business while remaining true to fact – will draw in the right buyer. Still unsure? Contact us today to get on the right track.

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