The Riata Promise

Inspired organizations all think, act and communicate from the inside out. We want our clients and suppliers to know why we do what we do and how we intend to conduct ourselves with them. Here is what our team came up with when we all agreed to take this amazing journey; it’s what inspires us!

Riata is Honest

Riata is honest with our capabilities and our resolve. We are frank with our clients and where necessary guide them through the tough decisions. We will tell them what they need which may not always be what they want or hope to hear.

Riata is Knowledgeable

Riata is never stagnant. We are forever searching for a better way to do it, or for someone who is better than us to help. We are well read and will take advantage of the ever-shrinking world of communication and technology to help our clients reach the world for their business. We will be strategic and purposeful for our clients and the solutions we provide.

Riata is Trustworthy

There is a real energy in sharing the truth with others. Riata will engage in partnerships with our clients and their employees and surpass the employee/employer, client /supplier relationship. That is why Riata will work with complete transparency and the utmost integrity.

Riata is Adaptable

In order to ingrain ourselves into our clients’ world we will be open to new ideas, flexible and approachable. We will be inclusive with the client and with our employees.

Riata is Energetic

We have come from a very humble place – we are not loud or boastful but approachable and compassionate. We will share our employee’s enthusiasm and foster that entrepreneurial spirit in every member of the team.

Riata is Creative

To be brave you have to be vulnerable; we will be. Our ideas will be encouraged to fly without hesitation. We will keep reaching for innovation and a different perspective in our creativity as well as our ongoing quest for new technologies that make our lives a little easier… and a little more colourful.

Here is our Brand “Why”

Why? We believe success should be shared with our stakeholders and our employees. A win win equation.
How? Riata Partners develops a partnership with small to medium size enterprises, which need flexibility to maintain momentum while managing efficiency. We empower our clients to do what they do best by letting us do the rest.
What? Riata Partners provides a fluid resource of outsourced knowledge of varying degrees. We provide support in Marketing, Association Services, Web & Design, HR Services and Business Advisory.
Who? We are Riata Partners Inc.