About Riata Partners Inc.

The founders of Riata are well-versed in the ups and downs of business cycles.

Not only have they observed other entrepreneurs go through the pain of a fluctuating and inconsistent workforce, they have experienced it themselves. Through operating their own business entities, involvement with not-for-profit organizations, and observing fellow entrepreneurs deal with the erratic behaviours of the current operating environment, Riata Partners was born.

Over 25 years of managing these challenges has inspired the Outsourced Expertise Model. When they created Riata Partners Inc. the founders had a very specific goal – to provide on-demand access to a pool of talented resources to support their investment companies.

The resource pool had to be flexible and the support team had to “get it done!”

This can be challenging, as the best employees don’t always fit with the corporate environment – they may need flex time, or perhaps they are semi-retired but still want to stay sharp and involved in the business community. As well, some of the best talent will start their own small business – they want flexibility, opportunity and need a diverse set of challenges to keep them interested.

At Riata we understand these people. We give them the flex time and the opportunity to grow in a fun collaborative, entrepreneurial environment with the ability to own part of the company!

The Legend of Riata

A Riata is a series of small ropes bound together creating a much stronger one. Used by Spanish Vaqueros (cowboys) in California to move cattle across California, the riata can be thrown farther, with the use of less energy and retaining a more perfect loop, than any other type of rope.

Riatas partnerships are much like the rope – stronger with the “strands” of employees, contractors and clients working in harmony than it would be alone.

Although the word reata (spelled both reata and riata) is often used to refer to any rope, the genuine Vaquero reata was a special item. It was usually 40 to 80 feet long and made from twisted strands of the finest rawhide, well-chosen and properly cured.

The Reateros (Spanish for “rope maker”) were masters at the craft of braiding reatas as well as all other vaquero rawhide tools, many of which were truly works of art. The braiding of the riatas was not only an art form but the braids had uniformity and even tension in order to ensure durable working tools for the Vaquero.

The riata was the most useful tool of the California Vaquero and he was highly proficient in handling it. The dexterity displayed by the Vaquero ropers impressed the early American cowhands and the riata was quickly adopted by them.